Understanding agroecology


Although not a new concept, agroecology is gaining momentum worldwide as an effective approach to tackle climate change and the interconnected challenges facing food security and nutrition. On the occasion of the 2nd International Symposium on Agroecology (3‒5 April 2018, Rome), have a look at FAO’s work in this area and a selection of publications offering guidance, tools and analysis. For further reading, see the Publications catalogue.

FAO'S work on agroecology: A pathway to achieving the SDGs
Featuring cases from different sectors and countries, this brochure – published in conjunction with the International Symposium on Agroecology – presents the 10 Elements of Agroecology and looks at ways of scaling up this people-centred approach to realize its full potential.

Transition towards sustainable food and agriculture – an analysis of FAO’s 2018–2019 work plan
This overview of FAO’s engagement in agroecology examines the main gaps and opportunities for upscaling so as to convert today’s agricultural production and food systems into agroecological food systems.

Catalysing dialogue and cooperation to scale-up agroecology  
Based on the FAO regional seminars on agroecology, this publication looks at the main challenges region by region.

Building a common vision for sustainable food and agriculture
This report builds on FAO’s extensive experience in developing sustainability concepts, approaches and tools.

Constructing markets for agroecology: An analysis of diverse options for marketing products from agroecology
This study examines 12 initiatives in developing countries that have successfully built markets for agroecological products. Identifying linkages between markets and the community, this publication stresses the role of consumers in influencing marketing strategies.

Innovative markets for sustainable agriculture
Drawing on 15 case studies, this paper highlights how innovative approaches rely on social values to adapt sustainable practices to local contexts, while creating new markets s for food products.

Livestock and agroecology
This publication seeks to strengthen the place of livestock in sustainable food and agriculture practices, through upscaling and integration with other production system components, such as trees and crop plants.

Save and Grow in practice: Maize, rice and wheat. A guide to sustainable cereal production
With examples from Africa, Asia and Latin America, this publication shows how ecosystem-based farming systems help smallholder farmers boost cereal yields, strengthen livelihoods, reduce pressure on the environment and build resilience to climate change

Indigenous food systems, agroecology and the voluntary guidelines on tenure: A meeting between indigenous peoples and FAO
This report sums up the meeting’s key recommendations at regional, national and global level, including facilitating participation of indigenous peoples in decision-making processes, as well as dialogue with the private sector.

Other titles of interest


The 10 elements of agroecology: Guiding the transition to sustainable food and agricultural systems

Agroforestry for landscape restoration

Aquaculture zoning, site selection and area management under the ecosystem approach to aquaculture ‒ Full document

International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management

Mainstreaming of biodiversity and ecosystem services with a focus on pollination

Mainstreaming ecosystem services and biodiversity into agricultural production and management in East Africa ‒ Technical guidance document

Mainstreaming ecosystem services and biodiversity into agricultural production and management in the Pacific Islands ‒ Technical guidance document

Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management

Voluntary guidelines for agro-environmental policies in Latin America and the Caribbean
Agroecology for food security and nutrition proceedings of the FAO International Symposium (2015)

Final report for the International Symposium on Agroecology for food security and nutrition (2015)

Final report Regional Meeting on Agroecology in Latin America and the Caribbean (2016)

Report on the Regional Symposium on Agroecology for Europe and Central Asia

Report on the Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on Agroecology in Asia and the Pacific (2016)

Report of the Regional Meeting on Agroecology in sub-Saharan Africa (2016)

Report of the International Symposium on Agroecology in China (2017)