The State of Food and Agriculture completes the State of the World set


The State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA) 2018 was released on 15 October, in conjunction with the Forty-fifth Committee on World Food Security. SOFA is the last flagship to be published this year in the State of the World flagship collection. The 2018 edition focuses on migration in its different forms and highlights how – despite the challenges they may present – migration flows are crucial to economic, social and human development. In particular, the report shows that, despite the challenges it brings, migration can be highly beneficial to rural development and the agriculture sector of both sending and host countries. For further titles on migration, click here.

This annual publication aims to bring balanced science-based assessments of issues in the field of food and agriculture to a wider audience, through a wealth of quantitative and qualitative data. This year, for the first time, SOFA will also be simultaneously available in the UN distribution channels, including the UN iLibrary and the UN online store, as of 23 October. This has been possible thanks to an agreement signed by FAO and the UN to improve the visibility and discoverability of FAO publications, with the aim of reaching an ever-wider audience.