Data for development: FAO Statistical Pocketbook 2018


In October 2018, FAO released the World Food and Agriculture Statistical Pocketbook 2018, which presents selected indicators on agriculture and food security. Drawn from FAOSTAT and other resources, the indicators include prevalence of undernourishment and prevalence of severe food insecurity, based on the food insecurity experience scale, which are crucial for tracking progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 2, End hunger.

With regard to the design, this edition has been revamped according to the new FAO visual identity for statistical products, which also covers the Fishery and Forestry Yearbooks, providing an easily identifiable and consistent look and feel. 

Divided into two main sections, one thematic – structured according to setting, hunger dimension, food supply, and environment − and one country-specific, the pocketbook is an easy-access, quick and comprehensive reference for experts and practitioners looking for high quality and timely data.