FAO's work on food safety


With some 600 million cases of foodborne illnesses annually, unsafe food represents a threat to human health, as well as to economies. Consumers have the right to expect that the food available on domestic markets is safe.

On the occasion of the First FAO/WHO/AU International Conference on Food Safety (Addis Ababa, 12–13 February 2019), take a look at FAO’s work on food safety, aimed at reducing foodborne illness and supporting economic development, improved livelihoods and food security.

The future of food safety: First FAO/WHO/AU International Food Safety Conference Addis, 12-13 February
This brochure presents FAO’s work on food safety, highlighting its critical role across the four dimensions of food security – availability, access, utilization, and stability.

Understanding Codex – Fifth Edition
This revised edition presents the Codex Alimentarius Commission, established by FAO and WHO in the 1960s, and currently the most important international reference point for developments associated with food standards.

Joint FAO/WHO literature review: Histamine in salmonids
This report notes that, with appropriate time/temperature control, and within the sensory shelf-life of the product, histamine development in Salmonidae to the level that causes Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning is unlikely to occur.

Technical guidance for the development of the growing area aspects of Bivalve Mollusc Sanitation Programmes
This guide sets out internationally recognized principles for proper mollusc production, including harvesting and transportation, depuration, and labelling and storage procedures, with the aim of promoting more efficient and inclusive trade and markets.

Compendium of food additive specifications. Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) − 86th Meeting, June 2018
This document seeks to encourage good manufacturing practice and ensure that additives comply with safety standards.

Further reading

Shiga toxin producing Escherichia Coli (STEC) and food: Attribution, characterization, and monitoring

Codex: A world full of standards

Also forthcoming

Climate change: Implications for food safety and quality

Codex Alimentarius Commission: Procedural manual − Annual update