Recognizing the role of biodiversity


On the International Day for Biological Diversity take some time to read about how and why mainstreaming biodiversity is a vital part of sustainable agriculture, and what FAO is doing in this area.

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JUST PUBLISHED: The State of the World’s Forests 2020. Forests, biodiversity and people

This edition assesses progress to date in meeting global targets and goals related to forest biodiversity and examines the effectiveness of policies, actions and approaches, in terms of both conservation and sustainable development outcomes.

FAO strategy on mainstreaming biodiversity across agricultural sectors

The strategy promotes sustainable agricultural practices to conserve and restore biodiversity as a whole. The proposed policies are tailored to address countries’ national priorities and programming frameworks.

The State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture
This publication presents the first global assessment of biodiversity for food and agriculture worldwide, including plants, animals and microorganisms at genetic, species and ecosystem levels, present in and around crop, livestock, forest and aquatic production systems.

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The report aims to inform the public about the state of the forest resources at global, regional and national levels. The key findings will anticipate the release of the full report in late 2020.

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Biodiversity and the livestock sector. Guidelines for quantitative assessment – Version 1

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