Empowered youth for a thriving agri-business sector


Tomorrow’s food security depends on youth. However, high unemployment rates and lack of opportunities in rural areas keep pushing young people to migrate. COVID-19 has exacerbated the vulnerability of youth as they are more likely to become unemployed and to be working informally without social protection.

Investing in agriculture and rural areas is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty and food insecurity. In this context, youth can be agents of change in the transformation of food systems.

FAO supports efforts to empower young agri-entrepreneurs, increase their investments and make their businesses more sustainable. To this end, FAO has developed a set of tools to increase responsible investment by and for youth. 

Empowering young agri-entrepreneurs to invest in agriculture and food systems. Policy recommendations based on lessons learned from 11 African countries
This report summarizes the main findings and lessons learned from FAO’s work with eleven African countries providing an overview of key policy challenges and good practices.

Catalysing young agri-entrepreneurs' investments and ensuring their sustainability – Strategic planning tool
This publication provides guidance on how to identify key challenges and gaps that impede investments by young agri-entrepreneurs, and design practical solutions that empower them to carry out viable and sustainable investments in agriculture and food systems.

Pour un environnement institutionnel et financier favorable à l’investissement par les jeunes dans l’agriculture et les systèmes alimentaires en Tunisie
This policy brief sets out a roadmap with concrete recommendations to promote and sustain investments by young agri-entrepreneurs in Tunisia.

Promouvoir et pérenniser les investissements des jeunes agri-entrepreneurs en Tunisie
This report explains the methodology, process and results of FAO’s work to stimulate young agro-entrepreneurship in Tunisia.

Dynamique de l'investissement dans le système agricole tunisien et perspectives de développement des investissements par et pour les jeunes
This report provides a vision of the prospects for the development of investments by and for young people in Tunisia by analyzing the context of the labor market, the main sectors of the agricultural sector, and investment trends.

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