Celebrating the International Day of Education


Education offers a means for people to fulfil their own potential and help build a better future for all. FAO is committed to sharing knowledge and building capacity in the areas of food and agriculture to support sustainable development and inspire behavioural change.

On the occasion of the International Day of Education (24 January), we invite you to discover and share a selection of FAO’s publications designed to engage and inform young people on important global issues underlying the Organization’s work.

FAO activity book series

Shedding light on a variety of global topics, this series seeks to engage young people, their families and educators in FAO’s work and the global effort to eliminate hunger. The latest titles include:

Food heroes

Farmers, factory workers and food truck drivers are just some of the heroes who make sure we have food to eat. This activity book celebrates the important role these food heroes play, the challenges they face and the digital innovations that are helping them and our food systems to perform better.

Healthy plants, healthy planet

This activity book is designed to help educators bring children and young people close to the world of plant protection and the science that deals with plant health. 

Other related activity books include:


  • World Food Safety Day 2021 edition
  • World Food Day 2021 edition 

YUNGA Challenge Badges and Youth Guides

This series aims to raise awareness, educate and motivate youth to change behaviour and become active agents of change in their local community, under the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) initiative. New titles include: 

Disaster risk reduction Challenge Badge

This booklet is designed to help educate children and young people about hazards and disasters and the crucial role that disaster risk reduction plays for life on our planet.


  • Gender Challenge Badge
  • Pollinators Challenge Badge
  • Biodiversity Challenge Badge (2nd edition)
  • UN decade on ecosystem restoration Challenge Badge 

For further reading, check out the Publications catalogue.