My pulses necklaces

This blog post was written by Paola Scarsi, Consigliere Nazionale Ordine dei Giornalisti. 

The idea was to combine aesthetics and decoration with my love for nature. ‘’Creative recycling”, that’s how I like to define it. I am a journalist, lent – or better, returned – to creativity.  I have always loved the art of “natural” recycling which led me to transform stones, shells and wooden pieces into necklaces, earrings, pendants and many other sorts of ornaments. 

For this particular collection of natural, bio-ecological necklaces – as well as pendants, earrings and bracelets – I drew inspiration from a calendar my son Matteo gave me as a Christmas present. It shows a photograph of exotic markets with bags full of colorful spices for each month: the same amazing markets photographed in the book "Pulses: nutrition seeds for a sustainable future". 

Spices are wonderful raw materials, but they are difficult to use. Fortunately, nature has more to offer than just spices! A visit to the Piazza Vittorio market in Rome allowed me to take a new look at various bags of beans, peas, soya, corn, cereals and seeds.

I have “trapped” their vibrant colors into very thin nets whose different tones create the strangest chromatic effects. Unfortunately, it is impossible to go directly “from necklace to soup”, as the seeds are coated with natural protective paint.

The color possibilities and the almost infinite number of combinations make each necklace unique. In the meantime, I’ve even managed to “trap” the colorful spices, but that’s another story…

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