Video: These are my pulses - Turkey

Selçuk Şahin is a bean cultivator in Bilecik, Turkey, and has over 75 acres of field. For the past 4 generations, Selçuk’s family has worked in bean cultivating, making him an expert in the field. Engineers are involved in every process of the cultivation of his family’s beans, ensuring supervision of experts to help create the best beans in Turkey. Chemical products aren’t used in the Bilecik region, allowing them to protect their fields from damages by using marigold and bay-trees. This video includes the pulse farming story of Selçuk Şahin, to help promote the cultivation of pulses for the International Year of Pulses.

This video is one in a series created by the Global Pulse Confederation celebrate the International Year of Pulses. Through the “These Are My Pulses” videos, viewers can learn about pulse farmers in different regions of the world. The farmers express their love for farming, and the many benefits of cultivating pulses. With the International Year of Pulses currently underway, pulse farmers around the world are encouraged to share their stories to help raise the profile and celebrate the importance of beans, chickpeas, lentils and peas in feeding the world. To learn how to share your story, visit

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