Pulses: Innovations from the field to the cooking pot

As the International Year of Pulses comes to an end, FAO’s Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)invites you to look ahead and explore innovations that could help address outstanding challenges surrounding pulses.

Building on the earlier online debate on pulses, this discussion addresses issues such as: how to strengthen pulses’ value chains - from input supply to consumption - and how to introduce them into the diets of countries where they are not traditionally consumed. The discussion also focuses on how modern varieties of legumes can provide smallholder farmers with an attractive alternative to other crops and – more importantly – it examines the potential role of pulses in sustainable intensification of agriculture in Africa.

The outcomes of this consultation will be important for the legacy of the IYP. They will help gain a better understanding on how to move forward and identify possible next steps once the IYP comes to a close.

The discussion is open until 4 November 2016 and everyone is welcome to join here.


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