Although named after two elements of this elegant starter, the rosemary and chickpeas (or ceci in Italian) are taken to new heights with a clear squid broth and delicate pieces of crispy, golden seared squid
Chickpeas ITA
This is one of the fastest ways to make a quick chickpea and spinach curry. Using canned and frozen veg, this easy vegetable curry recipe will be ready in as little as fifteen minutes
Chickpeas IND
L’impanata è un primo piatto ben sostanzioso originario della Puglia che unisce il consumo di fave secche con verdure e pane raffermo per combinarli in un equilibrio di sapori naturali
Faba Beans ITA
Originally from Catalonia, Empedrat is a special type of tapa and one of the most popular summer dishes in Spain. Prepared with fresh ingredients, it constitutes a well balanced mix of highly nutritional ingredients - pulses, veggies and fish
Chickpeas ESP
Jukut undis or black pigeon pea soup originates from Buleleng, Singaraja, located in the northern part of Bali in Indonesia. Undis or pigeon peas are considered very beneficial crops, whose young shoots and pods are eaten as a vegetable. Newly harvested beans are used to substitute soybeans in tempeh and...
Dry Peas IDN
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