This salad is as healthy as it is delicious, containing high amounts of fiber and protein. The beans, chickpeas and lentils are a fantastic combination, but can easily be substituted with any other types of pulses you may have in your pantry.
Lentils Canada
A creamy puree of peas and sautéed beans with rosemary in a basket of prosciutto. The sweet pulses and the salty and crunchy ham provide a nice contrast of flavours and textures.
Dry Beans Italy
Crisp doughnuts made with a spiced lentil batter. A wonderful little snack when served with a fresh chutney. The vada is a generic type of snack from South India and this one looks like a doughnut where the hole is a defining feature. It’s made by soaking split urid lentils...
Lentils India
A true Punjabi dhal, earthy and wholesome, made with black lentils and kidney beans in a wonderfully rich, buttery sauce. Traditionally, this would be cooked slowly for hours to create the thick buttery consistency it’s famous for. This dhal is poor man’s food, yet it is rich in protein and...
Lentils India
This stew is very common in the coastal area of Ecuador. It is easy to prepare, low cost and very rich in flavour. As a main dish, it usually comes with fried fish or fried eggs.
Lentils Ecuador
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