Typical rural main dish, rich of flavor especially good with fresh bread and a cup of red wine.
Dry Beans Italy
Locro is a hearty stew which is well known along the Andes mountain range. Corn, meat, vegetables and pulses are prominently featured in this recipe. Locro is typically made using a unique potato named “papa chola”, this potato is difficult to find outside its home region and brings a unique...
Chickpeas Argentina
Tasty Mediterraneo’s  “Vegan pâté” recipe is very tasty and easy to prepare. It contains red kidney beans, avocado, tahini and extra virgin olive oil; a perfect mix of healthy and nutritious ingredients for a delicious vegan and gluten free pâté rich in fibre, protein, essential fatty acids and vitamins.
Dry Beans
Plato tradicional dominicano, utilizado más frecuentemente en época de Cuaresma.
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This flavorful and tasty Tolma is one of the most popular among all the various Armenian Holiday dishes. Very simple to make and the best part is that Pasus Tolma can be made ahead of time, freeze and thawed before serving. 
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