This stew is very common in the coastal area of Ecuador. It is easy to prepare, low cost and very rich in flavour. As a main dish, it usually comes with fried fish or fried eggs.
Lentils Ecuador
Tasty Mediterraneo’s “Lentils soup with vegetables” recipe is a healthy vegan and gluten free Mediterranean diet recipe. A simple yet delicious legume dish that is a good source of protein, fiber, iron, B group vitamins and other nutrients.
Lentils Spain
This is a nutritious, creamy and flavourful soup. It can be served for lunch or dinner with bread rolls or grilled sandwiches or can be enjoyed by itself for light meal. It can made be and stored in the freezer for convenience.
Dry Peas India
Tasty Mediterraneo’s “Lebanese Foul Moudammas (Fava beans)” recipe is a healthy and delicious vegan and gluten free mediterranean diet recipe. This simple yet delicious legume dish is a good source of protein, fibre, iron, B vitamins and other nutrients.
Faba Beans Lebanon
Creamy white beans and earthy mushrooms are the stars of this hearty vegetable stew. It is best served with a side of steamed white rice.
Dry Beans Portugal