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  1. This Annex provides information on selected publications, documents and other important information products planned under the Zero Real Growth scenario of the PWB 2000-01.

  3. The cost of each information product in the list is based on estimates taking into consideration such factors as anticipated number of pages, the number of languages, the print run and whether the work is to be carried out internally or externally. The estimates exclude authorship costs. In many cases, editorial costs are also excluded, as these are to be funded from a centrally managed and funded provision in the GII Division.

  5. The estimated cost of the listed information products is US$ 4.3 million before 2000-01 cost increases.

  7. The entire information products programme for 2000-01 is estimated at US$ 15.6 million at 1998-99 rates. The difference between the cost of the selected items listed in this supplement and the total publications budget for 2000-01 is partly attributable to the exclusion from the attached list of documentation cost of the meetings listed in Annex I of the Programme of Work and Budget 2000-01. In addition, Circular State Letters, technical reports and papers, newsletters and bulletins, miscellaneous working papers and information materials are also excluded from the attached list of information products.

  9. The listed information products, including publications, videos and CD-ROMs, are classified into two main categories:
    1. Advocacy : These products include books, booklets, brochures, pamphlets, posters, videos and CD-ROMs, designed to raise public consciousness, influence policy change and strengthen political will. These products advocate support for FAO's goals and articulate its vision and policies in a readable non-technical style. The audience for advocacy publications is donors, policy- and decision-makers, the media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society at large and the general public. [Code: AD]

    3. Technical : These products include:
      1. Core : Books, booklets, monographs, yearbooks, periodicals, videos and CD-ROMs designed to contribute to the body of technical knowledge on global issues related to FAO's mandate. The target audience for these products is policy- and decision-makers, the scientific community, technical experts, academics and libraries. [Code TC]

      3. Training materials : These products include materials intended for training at the grass-roots level as well as those for internal use. [Code TT]

      5. Subject/region/country-specific materials (series or non-series): These products include books, booklets and monographs that may not have a global audience but form an essential part of FAO's work. The target audience for these publications is a specialized readership. [Code TS]

  10. In the following list, languages are identified by the symbols shown below:
    A = Arabic
    C = Chinese
    E = English
    F = French
    S = Spanish
    O = Other (i.e. a language that is not one of the official languages of the Organization)
    B = Bilingual information product
    T = Trilingual information product
    M = Multilingual information product

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