PWB Programme Entity and Outputs Database

This database contains details of all programme entities and outputs planned in the Programme of Work and Budget 2006-07. It includes for the first time the non-technical and technical cooperation programmes, which converted to FAO's results-based approach in the MTP 2006-11.

The information provided for each programme entity includes:

  • Timeframe
  • PWB Resource summary
  • Lead division/service
  • Rationale
  • Objective (technical programmes only)
  • Objective Indicators (technical programmes only)
  • Links to the Strategic Framework (Strategic Objectives for technical programmes and Strategies to Address Cross Organizational Issues for non-technical programmes)
  • Cooperation with the external partners including: Organizations and programmes of the United Nations system, and other Inter-governmental Organizations, Civil Society Organizations and Other partners
  • Major Outputs envisaged for the entity

    Summary information provided on major outputs includes:

  • Timeframe
  • Lead division/service
  • Major Output Performance Improvement Indicators (non-technical programmes only)
  • Biennial Outputs envisaged for the major output

    Summary information provided on biennial outputs includes:

  • Lead and contributing divisions
  • Output typology (technical programmes only)
  • Contribution to the Gender and Development Plan of Action (technical programmes only)
  • Contribution to Priority Areas for Interdisciplinary Action (technical programmes only)

    PWB Programme Entity and Outputs Database