Web Annexes for the Revised Programme of Work and Budget 2006-07

Table of Contents

Annex VI: List of Scheduled Sessions

Annex VII: Regional Tables

Annex VIII: Establishment and Grading of Posts by Organisational Units

Annex IX: Mapping of Previous Programme Entities to New Programme Entities Codes

Annex X: Formulation of Programme Entities

Chapter 1: Corporate Governance

Programme 1A: Governing bodies

Programme 1B: General direction

Chapter 2: Sustainable Food and Agricultural Systems

Programme 2A: Crop production systems management

Programme 2B: Livestock production systems management

Programme 2C: Diseases and pests of animals and plants

Programme 2D: Nutrition and consumer protection

Programme 2E: Forestry information, statistics, economics, and policy

Programme 2F: Forest management, conservation and rehabilitation

Programme 2G: Forest products and industry

Programme 2H: Fisheries and aquaculture information, statistics, economics, and policy

Programme 2I: Fisheries and aquaculture management and conservation

Programme 2J: Fisheries and aquaculture products and industry

Programme 2K: Sustainable natural resources management

Programme 2L: Technology, research and extension

Programme 2M: Rural infrastructure and agro-industries

Chapter 3: Knowledge Exchange, Policy and Advocacy

Programme 3A: Leveraging resources and investment

Programme 3B: Food and agriculture policy

Programme 3C: Trade and marketing

Programme 3D: Agriculture information and statistics

Programme 3E: Alliances and advocacy initiatives against hunger and poverty

Programme 3F: Gender and equity in rural societies

Programme 3G: Rural livelihoods

Programme 3H: Knowledge exchange and capacity building

Programme 3I: Information technology systems

Programme 3J: Communication and public information

Chapter 4: Decentralization, UN Cooperation and Programme Delivery

Programme 4A: UN cooperation, integration and monitoring

Programme 4B: Coordination of decentralized services

Programme 4C: Food security, poverty reduction and other development cooperation programmes

Programme 4D: Emergency and post crisis management

Programme 4E: Technical Cooperation Programme

Chapter 5: Management and Supervision Services

Programme 5A: Oversight

Programme 5B: Programme and budget services

Programme 5C: Financial services

Programme 5D: Human resources management and staff welfare

Programme 5E: Procurement

Programme 5F: Management of premises

Programme 5G: Meetings and language services and protocol

Programme 5H: Shared services

Chapter 8: Capital Expenditure

Programme 8A: Capital Expenditure

Chapter 9: Security Expenditure

Programme 9A: Headquarters security

Programme 9B: Field security

Annex XI: Mapping of Approved 2004-05 Programme Entities to Revised 2006-07 Programme Entities