Seven webinars on peatland issues including characteristics of responsible management of peatlands, paludiculture options for responsible utilization of peatlands in Indonesia; biomass from reeds for energy production in Belarus; sustainable grazing for peatlands restoration in China; why peatlands matter in regards of climate change mitigation; spatial distribution of GHG emissions...
This course progressively works through the key themes, concepts and actions of REDD+ National Forest Monitoring Systems (NFMS) for Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) gaining access to a suite of GFOI methods and guidance, space data resources, training materials and tools along the way. 
Training materials on REDD+ background and design, REDD+ measuring and monitoring, and REDD+ assessment and reporting using IPCC guidelines and guidance.
This is the e-course version of the UN-REDD Programme's successful REDD+ Academy. This course is free and open to all. Upon successfully passing the final exam, a certificate will be issued.
Resource Guide for Advanced Learning on REDD+
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