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Bed, Sándor Nagy, Zoltán
Nikodémusz, Etelka Délborsod Co-operative for
Institute of Animal Husbandry Fish and Sheep-Farming
Gödöll University of Agricultural Sciences Gelej, Hungary
Gödöll, Hungary
Seregi, János
Experimental Farm of the
University of Veterinary Sciences
Üll-Dóra Major, Hungary





After the suckling period, animals were machine-milked twice daily. Evening and morning milk samples were individually taken and milk yields recorded at 4-week intervals. Milk samples were analysed for solid composition, including urea, and somatic cell counts using a Foss-Electric System 4000. Blood samples were also taken and analysed for urea and glucose by spectro-photometry using REANAL test kits of cat. No. 11532 and 07239, respectively. Circulating leukocyte count was also determined.


Figure 1. Variation in urea concentrations in milk and plasma of ewes
and goats during lactation

Figure 2. The urea concentration in the morning and evening milk of ewes and goats

Figure 3. Variation in lactose and plasma glucose levels of ewes and goats during lactation

Figure 4. Variation in milk yields of ewes and goats and in dietary P/E ratio during lactation

Figure 5. Variation in lactose level of ewe's and goat's milk and NDF content during lactation


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