Sixth Meeting of the Joint Permanent Committee (JPC) of the Mediterranean Animal Health Network (REMESA), in Montpellier – France, 12-13 November 2012

Within the framework of the Mediterranean Animal Health Network (REMESA) activities, the regional coordination Unit of REMESA in Tunis (FAO-ECTAD and OIE-Sub-Regional Representation which provides the secretariat for 2012 and 2013), and the General Directorate for food of the French Ministry of agriculture, food processing industry and forestry organized the sixth meeting of the Joint Permanent Committee (JPC) of the REMESA, in Montpellier on the 12th and 13th November 2012.

The Chiefs Veterinary Officers (CVOs) of the ten REMESA countries (Algeria, Egypt, France, Italy, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia) and representatives of FAO, OIE and EU attended this meeting. CVOs from Greece, Cyprus and Malta were invited as observers.

During this meeting, the Cooperation framework for the creation and the development of REMESA was signed. This document reflects the common willingness of the countries to give a framework, continuity and visibility to REMESA in cooperating, to prevent and control transboundary animal diseases in the Mediterranean region and to strengthen the initiative already lead.

The agenda, the presentations given, the cooperation framework and the summary of conclusions are available in the right part of this page.

(Editor: Lilian PUECH, FAO-ECTAD-NA)