Innovations in managing climate risks and building resilience in agriculture

Volume 27, March 2020

Edited by
Selvaraju Ramasamy PhD
Head, Research and Extension Unit (AGDR)

Managing climate risks is essential to improving the resilience of agricultural systems and eradicating hunger. Knowledge systems including agricultural research and extension systems, national meteorological and hydrological services and stakeholder platforms together with agricultural enterprises, policymakers and investors play a critical role in managing climate risks. Innovative approaches and methods for climate data analysis, crop and pasture monitoring, climate information downscaling, hotspot analysis, impact assessments and early warning systems are continuously evolving.

This FAO special issue of the Elsevier Weather and Climate Extremes journal presents innovations related to the approaches, tools and methods with case studies and examples of climate risk management and resilience building in agriculture. This special issue contains contributions from 42 authors representing 21 organizations and institutes around the world. 

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