Destocking campaign in Ethiopia

Mar 2016

In Somali Region of southeastern Ethiopia, the ongoing drought – the most severe in half a century due to the effects of El Niño – has caused critical feed and water shortages, resulting in abnormal migrations and widespread livestock deaths. Most of the region’s population is dependent on animals as a source of both food and income, but as the lean season continues, these households are experiencing a rapid deterioration in food security and increased risk of malnutrition. Alarmingly, several families across the region reported sharing their food aid with their remaining livestock in an effort to help them survive.

To safeguard the livelihoods of pastoralists affected by the drought and provide time-critical support to the most in need, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has implemented an intervention in nine communities of three of the worst-affected districts of Siti Zone – Erer, Hadagala and Shinile – in collaboration with the regional Livestock and Pastoralist Development Bureau. FAO aims to enhance the financial stability of 4 200 households and nutritional intake of 4 500 households through the purchase of livestock and provision of protein-rich meat.

Author: FAO/Ethiopia

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