La résilience

Crisis-hit farmers receive time-critical assistance in the Central African Republic

May 2014

In May 2014, the Central African Red Cross distributed FAO agricultural inputs to 1 500 crisis-hit families relying on agriculture for food an income on the Bouali road. In the villages of Kapka and Bougoula, vulnerable households received 25 kg of seeds as well as hand tools to plant for the current planting season. Farmers are ready to plant and expect to produce enough food to feed their families for four months.

CADAPI is a national NGO working with FAO to distribute seeds and tools on the Sibut road, where villagers have been severely hit by insecurity since 2013 due to the conflict between armed groups. Many of them had to flee their home for several months and unable to access their land. This resulted in low levels of production last year and vulnerable households were forced to turn to negative coping mechanisms, such as selling their productive assets and reducing the number of daily meals.

Thanks to assistance provided by FAO and its partners, hope is regained and 3 000 farmers (women and men) received much needed seeds and tools in May to plant and produce their food to feed their families.

Author: FAO/CAR