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Responding to high food prices

Responding to high food prices


In response to the current rise in food prices, FAO will, in partnership with stakeholders, run a series of seminars in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Central Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Near East to help governments to make informed decisions on how to respond to high food prices, the Organization announced today.

Global food prices increased for the eighth consecutive month in February, with prices of all commodity groups monitored rising again, except for sugar, according to the FAO Food Price Index. A tightening of the global cereal supply and demand balance in 2010/11 is likely.

The objective of the seminars is to exchange experiences from the last food price crisis in 2007/08 and to become better acquainted with the pros and cons of the various policy measures mapped out in FAO's newly updated Guide for Policy and Programmatic Actions at Country Level to Address High Food Prices.

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