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Northeastern Nigeria fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/large_DSC_0994.jpg Rebuilding livelihoods in Borno State
 - 24/07/2020
Thanks to European Union support - FAO is regenerating livestock production to strengthen resilience of vulnerable populations in Borno State  The current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is a crisis within more
Zimbabwe fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_seed distribution.jpg Belgium supports anticipatory action project
 - 22/07/2020
Belgium contributes to an anticipatory action project aimed at enhancing the food security and nutrition of populations affected by COVID-19 in Zimbabwe The Government of Zimbhas declared the coronavirus disease 2019 more
Fiji fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_Vitawa community distribution 4.jpg Belgium supports vulnerable households and farmers affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold
 - 17/07/2020
By targeting affected vulnerable communities, the project aims to strengthen farmers’ capacity to become resilient to future shocks. Tropical Cyclone Harold caused widespread destruction in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and more
Myanmar fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_04a26666-932e-4edc-9625-f7be5dbb3920 (1).JPG Improving farming productivity in Rakhine State
 - 01/07/2020
Rakhine State, along the western coast of Myanmar, is home to approximately 3.3 million people, many of whom depend on agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture to make a living. However, since more
Food and Nutrition Security Resilience Programme gears up implementation amid COVID-19
 - 30/06/2020
Building food system resilience in Eastern Africa On the 17 June, the Food and Nutrition Security Resilience Programme: Building Food System Resilience in Protracted Crises (FNS-REPRO) convened its Global Programme Steering more
Yemen fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_IMG_1561_web.jpg FAO supports smallholder’s resilience
 - 24/06/2020
FAO supports smallholder’s resilience in Yemen through animal disease control, vaccination and mass treatment campaigns 1.8 million sheep and goats in 48 districts throughout six governorates of Yemen to be vaccinated more
Modern practices and an expanded market: the success of Mborisa beekeepers in South Sudan
 - 05/06/2020
“My father used to harvest wild honey from anthills and trees; he was an expert in traditional beehives and as young as 15, I had already acquired these vital traditional more
Belgium supports FAO in the rapid recovery of vulnerable households’ livelihoods in Mali during COVID-19
 - 19/05/2020
In Mali, the first cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) were reported on 25 March 2020 in a context of growing insecurity and when the Government had just declared a food more
FAO continues to support vulnerable farmers in the Syrian Arab Republic carry out agricultural activities safely during the COVID-19 pandemic
 - 14/04/2020
As part of the programme to enhance the livelihood opportunities of smallholders, FAO Syria has been assisting 700 producers in the country to improve the quality and quantity of their more
Promoting agricultural livelihoods in Turkey through the Syrian refugee response
 - 10/03/2020
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in collaboration with Food Security and Agriculture (FSA) sector in Turkey, organized a workshop entitled: “Promoting agricultural livelihoods in the more
Belgium and FAO support the Government of Haiti to improve the livelihoods of drought-affected households in the North-East
 - 18/02/2020
Between 2018 and the first half of 2019, Haiti experienced a long period of drought due to the El Niño phenomenon. As a result, agricultural production decreased by at least more
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