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Sahel | Regional overview (October 2018)

Sahel | Regional overview (October 2018)
Oct 2018

Countries in the Sahel are among the most at risk of crises and disasters. Increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, frequent droughts and floods, and land degradation threaten the livelihoods of highly vulnerable communities. In the last decade, a spike in armed conflict and violence has exacerbated chronic needs, forced the displacement of entire communities and disrupted livelihoods. This has resulted in a 300-percent increase in the number of people severely food insecure compared with 2017 ‒ levels unseen since the crisis of 2012.

In response, FAO is committed to restoring livestock production ‒ often the only source of livelihood for pastoralists ‒ to improve food security and self-reliance, and is working together with governments and partners to address both the immediate needs and longer-term structural challenges.

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