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Yemen Emergency Livelihoods Response Plan 2019

Yemen Emergency Livelihoods Response Plan 2019
Mar 2019

Yemen is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis where the population faces constant threats to their lives and livelihoods. The ongoing conflict has led to a severe economic decline and collapsed essential services, taking an enormous toll on the population and exacerbating existing vulnerabilities. The expansion of the conflict has also led to large-scale displacements and high rates of malnutrition.

In response, FAO developed the Yemen Emergency Livelihoods Response Plan 2019. The overall objective of the plan is to reduce acute food insecurity and save the lives of the most vulnerable households through improved availability and access to food, economic empowerment, livelihoods restoration, agricultural infrastructure improvement, capacity development and effective coordination of interventions. Implementing the ELRP will require USD 135 million to support 990 900 households (7 million people) over a 12-month period in the districts with high levels of food insecurity.

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