Animal Feed Action Plan

Animal Feed Action Plan
Sep 2019

The regional animal feed action plan was formulated through a consultative and participatory process building on experiences and lessons learnt by wide spectrum of key stakeholders in public and private sectors, notably, policy makers, traders, pastoralist and farmers' organizations, civil society, NGOs, and the development partners. It builds on the earlier consultative experience sharing workshop on feed by USAID, ILRI, IGAD and FAO in the region.

The plan provides broad opportunities for partnerships with producers, governments, and private sector, development and humanitarian organizations at the national and regional levels. It provides a guided approach to collectively tackle the problems of animal feed and pave the way for sustainable production of quality animals and products while improving competitiveness, profitability and ensuring sustainable feed resource management for the entire Eastern African region.

The aim of the action plan is to provide guidelines to communities, countries, private sector and livestock stakeholders to optimally utilize the available feed resources in East Africa to increase the supply as well as improve the quality of animals, products and by-products and to maximize the economic and social benefits of the livestock sector

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