La resiliencia

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 - 15/01/2016
To address the consequences of the global phenomenon of El Niño, FAO is moving forward on the development of response plans for emergency interventions, recovery and resilience building. Including Ethiopia, ...leer más
 - 15/01/2016
El Niño has had an extremely heavy impact on livestock and agriculture in Ethiopia. Shukri Ahmed gives dramatic figures on the consequences of the drought. He also illustrates FAO Response ...leer más
 - 15/01/2016
The strongest El Niño weather episode in the last several decades has caused repeated crop failure, decimated herds of livestock and driven some 10.2 million people across Ethiopia into food ...leer más
 - 22/12/2015
Las perspectivas para la producción agrícola y ganadera en África austral se han visto mermadas por el fenómeno climático de El Niño, que ha hecho disminuir las lluvias y aumentar ...leer más
 - 21/12/2015
Rift Valley fever (RVF) is a zoonotic, viral, vector-borne disease representing a threat to human health, animal health and livestock production in Africa, the Near East and potentially Europe and ...leer más
 - 18/12/2015
Coping with the harsh terrain and weather is part of a Mongolian herder’s way of life. But there are early warnings that this winter the dzud – or a very ...leer más
 - 16/12/2015
Belgium’s USD 285 000 contribution to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) emergency programme in Vanuatu provides help to more than 4 000 families (approximately 20 ...leer más
 - 09/12/2015
La FAO, a través de sus numerosas unidades especializadas, realiza un seguimiento de la evolución de estos fenómenos y facilita indicaciones tempranas y advertencias sobre los posibles impactos en la ...leer más
 - 09/12/2015
Vivian Jones, her oldest boy David and other three sons are living on a single meal a day – down from the three they used to eat. Frost and drought ...leer más
 - 30/11/2015
FAO and partners launched a new regional project to improve the livelihoods and economy of rural population in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa during an FAO organized two-day ...leer más