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 - 03/11/2016
Les océans et les eaux continentales ont la capacité de séquestrer une quantité de carbone cinq fois supérieure à celle absorbée par les forêts tropicales, et ...en lire plus
 - 03/11/2016
This report aims to facilitate the use of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5th Assessment Report (IPCC AR5) by those concerned with the fisheries and ...en lire plus
 - 17/04/2016
FAO is working to develop the disaster preparedness and emergency response capacity of government officials and civil society in disaster-prone areas of India through a series ...en lire plus
 - 23/03/2016
Trransboundary aquatic animal diseases (TAADS) are a primary constraint to sustainable aquaculture production, and have a significant socio-economic and environmental impact in several aquaculture countries and ...en lire plus
 - 15/12/2015
Due to its location along the Nile River Basins and other rivers, and within the biggest wetland in the world, South Sudan has very rich and ...en lire plus
 - 02/09/2015
On 10-11 June 2015, FAO conducted a Training on Fisheries and Aquaculture Emergency Response Guidance in the island municipality of Coron, Palawan, the Republic of the ...en lire plus
 - 24/03/2015
When Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) struck in November 2013, it severely damaged and destroyed many seaweed facilities and production, crippling the income of Filipino coastal farmers who ...en lire plus
 - 23/02/2015
Two joint projects just signed by the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rangelands (MoLFR) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will ...en lire plus
 - 20/10/2014
For the first time, the Government of Japan is supporting FAO’s efforts in Mali to assist food-insecure households and improve their access to food during the ...en lire plus
 - 26/09/2014
Dans le cadre de sa stratégie visant à soutenir les moyens de subsistance des populations les plus vulnérables dans le centre du Mali, la FAO a ...en lire plus
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