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Oct 2016 - Livestock diversity or animal genetic resources are terms used to describe the pool of 38 species of domesticated birds and mammals with more than 8 800 breeds currently used for food and agriculture. This infographic shows how livestock diversity can help us to adapt to a hotter and harsher world ...more
Oct 2016 - FAO is one of the leading organizations for its expertise in natural resources management, including food systems. Given the inextricable relationship which exists between nature and indigenous peoples’ livelihoods, FAO plays an important role in protecting the environment and those who depend on it for survival. Many FAO projects relate ...more
Oct 2016 - Actions to improve the adaptive capacity in agriculture sectors need to be prioritized to ensure food security and build resilience against climate change impacts. This infographic creates understanding on the most vulnerable groups to climate impacts, and how FAO can support countries with the intended contributions they have made to ...more
Sep 2016 - The FAO FLEGT Programme has supported over 200 projects in 40 tropical timber-producing countries to improve forest governance and support legal timber trade.   FAO works with the European Union (EU), member states, partner organizations and local stakeholders to help prepare timber-producing countries in Asia, Africa and South America to implement bilateral ...more
Sep 2016 - The purpose of the following inforgraphic is to inform key stakeholders on the role of food and agriculture, the need for a multi-sectorial approach to tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and what FAO's action plan is in this regard. This is one of a series of three infographics on AMR.
Sep 2016 - The purpose of the following inforgraphic is to explain FAO's role in providing support to countries to develop and implement their national action plan to reduce the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). This is one of a series of three infographics on AMR.
Aug 2016 - Diet is an important contributor to health, and to disease. Most countries face nutritional problems, from undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies to obesity and diet-related diseases (such as type II diabetes and certain types of cancer), or a mix of these. Pulses are a nutrient-rich food that as part of a ...more
Aug 2016 - Migration out of rural areas is a complex issue, especially when caused by distress and lack of alternatives. The decision to migrate depends on a number of variables, including poverty, food insecurity, lack of employment opportunities, conflicts, natural disasters, poverty employment opportunities, and as well as household and individual characteristics. ...more
Jul 2016 - This infographic illustrates key facts from the 2016 edition of the biannual FAO State of the World’s Forests report. The State of the World’s Forests (SOFO) 2016 shows that it is possible to increase agricultural productivity and food security while halting or even reversing deforestation, highlighting the successful efforts of Costa Rica, Chile, the ...more
Jul 2016 - This infographic highlights the importance of food and nutrition education for healthy diets, and FAO's role and interventions in this area.