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Jul 2014 - Food Security and Agriculture face major challenges under climate change, in terms of expected negative impacts on productivity as well as implementation of sectoral actions to limit global warming. Agriculture's greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise – although not as fast as emissions from other human activities. Better national data on ...更多
Jun 2014 - Forests and family farms are part of an integrated productive system for indigenous peoples, local forest communities, and smallholders living in forested landscapes. Together forests and family farms deliver ecosystem services and benefits for livelihoods and well-being. The infographics illustrates the relationship between forests and family farms and highlights the advantages ...更多
Jun 2014 - Countries continue to prioritize sustainable forest management and are pursuing more people-oriented approaches. However, concrete measures and capacity building are needed for effective implementation.
Jun 2014 - 亟待采取行动来保护和可持续管理森林遗传资源 森林遗传资源系指树木和其他木本植物种内及种间的可遗传材料,具有实际或潜在的经济、环境、科学或社会价值。
May 2014 - 依靠渔业和水产养殖获取食物和收入的人比以往任何时候都多,但是不良做法和不当管理给该产业的可持续发展造成威胁,粮农组织在今天发表的一份报告指出。 据粮农组织最新发布的《世界渔业和水产养殖状况》,2012年全球渔业和水产养殖产量总计为1.58亿吨,比2010年的水平提高约1000万吨。
May 2014 - 家庭农业与国家和全球粮食安全息息相关。无论是在发展中国家还是在发达国家, 家庭农业是粮食生产领域的主要农业形式。 家庭农业涵盖以家庭为基础的所有农业活动,而且它与农村发展的多个领域相关。 
May 2014 - Somalia is a complex political, security, and development environment, and much of its recent past has been marked by poverty, famine, and recurring violence. The country has existed in a state of armed conflict of one form or another since 1991.
May 2014 - Many sources of water in Somalia have been damaged or have lacked maintenance since the outbreak of conflict in the early 1990s. This infographic plots available data to depict the Somali water situation as it is today.
May 2014 - Agriculture is an important economic activity in Somalia not only in terms of meeting the food needs of the population but also  generating income through crop sales and agricultural labor opportunities.
May 2014 - Somalia's fish resources remain one of the most under exploited due a variety of factors. The Horn of Africa nation also has one of the lowest per capita fish consumption in the world.
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