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Sep 2015 - Forested areas have decreased but rate of net forest loss has been cut by 50%.  Challenges remain The extent of the world’s forest continues to decline as human populations continue to grow and demand for food and land increases. Implementing sustainable forest management practices requires sound policies and positive returns on investment to encourage adoption. Governments, private ...更多
Jun 2014 - Forests and family farms are part of an integrated productive system for indigenous peoples, local forest communities, and smallholders living in forested landscapes. Together forests and family farms deliver ecosystem services and benefits for livelihoods and well-being. The infographics illustrates the relationship between forests and family farms and highlights the advantages ...更多
Jun 2014 - Countries continue to prioritize sustainable forest management and are pursuing more people-oriented approaches. However, concrete measures and capacity building are needed for effective implementation.
Jun 2014 - 亟待采取行动来保护和可持续管理森林遗传资源 森林遗传资源系指树木和其他木本植物种内及种间的可遗传材料,具有实际或潜在的经济、环境、科学或社会价值。
Mar 2013 - 森林覆盖占整个土地面积的1/3,森林的价值对地球上的所有生命是无法估量的。森林包含世界大部分陆地生物多样性,16亿人民靠森林为生。每年来自热带森林的药用植物的价值为1080亿美元。尽管森林砍伐的速度缓慢,但仍令人担忧。 每年损失520万公顷,相当于每秒损失一个足球场的面积。必须可持续地管理森林,以遏制土地退化和森林砍伐的影响。广泛恢复森林与植树可有效地减少森林面积的净损失。需要制定有效政策以确保森林的未来。