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Nov 2015 - 保护一个国家防止牛瘟病毒传染和爆发的最好方法便是首先在各个国家内不允许有牛瘟病毒的存在。可以通过拒绝在国家内储存包含牛瘟病毒的材料来避免以下由于牛瘟病毒释放而导致的不幸后果。
May 2014 - Somalia’s livestock sector is based on nomadic pastoralism with a growing private sector led export industry and the mainstay of the Somali economy. Despite its many problems, the Horn of Africa nation comes second in global live sheep exports after Australia.
Mar 2014 - Youth un- and under-employment are critical issues facing Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). In spite of urbanisation and industrialisation, agriculture remains the principal employer and producer throughout SSA. Thus, a more modern and profitable agriculture sector (including aquaculture fisheries, forestry and livestock) is required to generate much needed decent employment opportunities for ...更多
Oct 2013 - Many farmers across rural Africa depend on their livestock for survival. Whether animals such as chickens, goats, pigs and cattle are used as a primary source of household food or as income from the sale of animal by-products, they represent an important asset to many families throughout the continent. This reality, ...更多