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The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 11 December the International Day of Mountains. From 2003, the day is observed each year to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of mountains.

Partnerships are at the heart of FAO's mission to help build consensus for a world without hunger. The effectiveness and credibility of the Organization as a policy-making forum and unique multilingual centre of excellence, knowledge and technical expertise depends to a considerable degree on its ability to work and develop strategic partnerships to harness efforts to eradicate hunger.

A food system is made up of the environment, people, institutions and processes by which food is produced, processed and brought to consumers. With millions of people around the world still suffering from hunger and malnutrition, surely it is time to rethink our food systems?

Achieving FAO's goals to end hunger and poverty is a challenging and complex task. Today, thanks to major changes in how we do business, FAO is a fitter, flatter and more flexible organization, whose activities are driven by five strategic objectives.

This video shows what can be achieved when FAO swings into action.
These are just five of the many ways in which we have made a difference.