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Mar 2019 - Forests act as a source of food, medicine and fuel for more than a billion people. In addition to helping to respond to climate change and protect soils and water, forests hold more than three-quarters of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, provide many products and services that contribute to socio-economic development ...更多
Mar 2018 - School gardens are a great way to get children to learn about nutrition. FAO encourages and supports countries to promote school gardens with educational goals to help students, school staff and families make the connection between growing food and good diets, develop life skills and increase environmental awareness.
Aug 2017 - This graphic identifies a number of trends, challenges and priority actions along a path towards Zero Hunger by 2030, the end date of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture, Zero Hunger in short, is Goal 2 of the 17 ...更多
May 2017 - Food is wasted because we put too much food on our plates, we buy food and don‘t eat it before it goes off, restaurants or and school cafeterias serve portions that are too big, etc. This poster conveys key messages and tips to consumers - and in particular children - ...更多
Mar 2017 - 森林是自然的动力源泉,是用于满足全球可再生能源需求的关键能源。
Mar 2017 - 提高土壤生物多样性。 豆类有一个重要特性 — 生 物固氮能力。这些作物与某些 类型的细菌(即根瘤菌和慢生 根瘤菌属)共生,能将大气中 的氮转化为可被植物利用的氮 化合物,同时提高土壤肥力。
Feb 2017 - 该报告阐述了目前和21世纪农业与粮食系统所面临的挑战,并提供了一些所关注的问题和需要做的事情的见解。重要的是,对于我们来说“一切照旧”已经不再具有可行性,而是需要我们在农业系统、农村经济以及如何管理我们的自然资源方面进行重大改革。 该报告是为了对粮农组织《战略框架》进行每四年一次的审查和为本组织2018-2021年中期计划做准备。
Dec 2016 - 系列信息图表中的第四个图表基于为国际豆类年制作的五个情况简介。该信息图表概述了气候变化对全球粮食生产和粮食安全的影响,同时说明了种植豆类的好处及它们可适应气候变化并有助于减轻其影响。
Nov 2016 - The infographic demonstrates that agriculture sectors’ mitigation potential is recognized by 86% countries in their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). Therefore, climate change mitigation potential of agriculture needs to be unlocked in a timely manner to address the emission gap and keep the temperature increase below 2°C limit. Nationally Appropriate Mitigation ...更多
Nov 2016 - 土著人民 此国际商定的术语意指包含世界各地不同的土著与部落社区。
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