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Dec 2016 - 系列信息图表中的第四个图表基于为国际豆类年制作的五个情况简介。该信息图表概述了气候变化对全球粮食生产和粮食安全的影响,同时说明了种植豆类的好处及它们可适应气候变化并有助于减轻其影响。
Nov 2016 - The infographic demonstrates that agriculture sectors’ mitigation potential is recognized by 86% countries in their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). Therefore, climate change mitigation potential of agriculture needs to be unlocked in a timely manner to address the emission gap and keep the temperature increase below 2°C limit. Nationally Appropriate Mitigation ...更多
Nov 2016 - 土著人民 此国际商定的术语意指包含世界各地不同的土著与部落社区。
Oct 2016 - 人类能否在2030年消除饥饿和贫困将取决于我们今天是采取何种方式来适应和减缓气候变化的。
Oct 2016 - 人类能否在2030年消除饥饿和贫困将取决于我们今天是采取何种方式来适应和减缓气候变化的。
Oct 2016 - Livestock diversity or animal genetic resources are terms used to describe the pool of 38 species of domesticated birds and mammals with more than 8 800 breeds currently used for food and agriculture. This infographic shows how livestock diversity can help us to adapt to a hotter and harsher world ...更多
Oct 2016 - 粮农组织是一个领先的组织,在自然资源管理以及食物系统管理上有着丰富的专业知识。鉴于自然和土著人民生计之间存在着千丝万缕的联系,粮农组织对保护环境和那些依赖环境生存的人起着重要作用。很多粮农组织项目涉及土著人民,间接地促进生物和文化多样性,以作为粮食和生计安全以及生活质量的基础。
Oct 2016 - Actions to improve the adaptive capacity in agriculture sectors need to be prioritized to ensure food security and build resilience against climate change impacts. This infographic creates understanding on the most vulnerable groups to climate impacts, and how FAO can support countries with the intended contributions they have made to ...更多
Sep 2016 - 粮农组织已经支持超过200个来自40个热带地区木材生产国家的项目,来改善森林治理和支持合法木材贸易. 粮农组织与欧盟、成员国、伙伴组织和当地利益相关者一起帮助亚洲、非洲和南美地区木材生产国家为落实与欧盟地区的合法木材双边贸易协定做好准备。
Sep 2016 - The purpose of the following inforgraphic is to inform key stakeholders on the role of food and agriculture, the need for a multi-sectorial approach to tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and what FAO's action plan is in this regard. This is one of a series of three infographics on AMR.
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