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Sea-based Sources of Marine Litter – A Review of Current Knowledge and Assessment of Data Gaps (Second Interim Report of GESAMP Working Group 43, 4 June 2020)

2020 Kirsten V.K. Gilardi (WG 43 Chair), Kyle Antonelis, Francois Galgani, Emily Grilly, Pingguo He, Olof Linden, Rafaella Piermarini, Kelsey Richardson, David Santillo, Saly N. Thomas, Pieter Van den Dries, Lumin Wang

In early 2019, GESAMP established Working Group 43 under the co-lead of FAO and IMO, with cosponsorship from UNEP. Later in the year a first, interim report was prepared and is submitted to IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), as IMO document MEPC 75/INF.23. The report is available from the IMO DOCS website.

Attached at annext to this document, is the second interim report. It should be noted that this report outlines the initial, interim findings regarding the state of knowledge of the sea-based sources of marine litter. It has been peer-reviewed and approved for circulation by GESAMP, but should still be regarded as work in progress. 

Access the document here