The Right to Food around the Globe


This database provides a platform where what is constitutionally committed to on the right to adequate food at the national level can be found. For each FAO Member Nation, you will find quotes of relevant articles on the right to adequate food as well as the ratification status of some key international instruments. The search can either be performed by Member Nation or by constitutional recognition.

Let´s start your research on the right to adequate food!

Last updated on 16.10.2015

Considering the different approaches undertaken by and the different structures of FAO Member Nations, the detailed methodology has been applied in a flexible manner. Moreover, although legal arguments could be made on the basis of other articles than those presented or national jurisprudence, the scope of this database did not allow us to go into such details. Also, the scope of the database means that some documents have been reviewed through their translated versions and not their original ones.

Finally, while there have been efforts to make available as much information as possible in different languages, quotes of relevant articles are seen in those languages only when they were available.

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