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News - 13.04.2021

FAO experts are helping expand microbiome science across the spectrum, from nutrition to ecosystems.

News - 09.04.2021

Transforming agri-food systems story series: Consumer behavior and collective demand.

News - 07.04.2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a health emergency. It could lead to a global food crisis with long-term impacts on vulnerable people.

News - 06.04.2021

Over 27 million Congolese – one in three people - now critically hungry.


News - 31.03.2021

You can now subscribe and stay informed about the latest updates and upcoming activities, as well as publications and resources related to the right to food. 

News - 30.03.2021

Are you on the lookout for reading? Broad your knowledge of human rights every month.

News - 23.03.2021

Call for urgent and at-scale action to avert rising hunger and risk of famine.

News - 23.03.2021

Global leaders urges to ensure access to safe and nutrition food for all in order to achieve th 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

News - 22.03.2021

Water is a major input in the provision of food and is also required to meet personal and household needs. Check out this study that examines the right to water for food and agriculture.

News - 18.03.2021

New FAO report finds agricultural losses from natural hazards continue to soar, inflicting economic damage and undermining nutrition.

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