The Right to Food

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News - 20.06.2020

Reliance on woodfuel main driver of forest degradation and deforestation in displacement settings.

News - 18.06.2020

FAO has launched a new elearning platform to contribute to the sustainable economic and social advancement of member countries.

Experts' corner - 18.06.2020

Spain, strategic partner for FAO, advocates for transforming food systems, by promoting digitalization and the participation of the most vulnerable groups.

News - 17.06.2020

Experts will share common goals to leverage efforts towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

News - 16.06.2020

New joint report proposes ten measures to prevent the current health crisis from becoming a food crisis.

News - 16.06.2020

With the support of Finland, a national-scale forest inventory will be implemented in Myanmar, including in areas with security and conflict issues.

News - 12.06.2020

Child labour makes children particularly vulnerable in realizing their right to food. Governments should ensure that every child has access to adequate food at all times.

News - 09.06.2020

COVID-19's impacts are limiting people's ability to access food,  increasingly restricting the cash liquidity of farmers, and handicapping farmers' ability to produce and market food -which in the longer term could seriously degrade their livelihoods.

News - 01.06.2020

This tool, which houses data from more than 2030 countries and territories, is designed to help decision makers understand their food systems, identify their levers of change, and decide which ones to pull.

Experts' corner - 25.05.2020

Carla Mucavi, Director of FAO Liaison Office in New York, highlights the importance of the right to adequate food, with regard to FAO priorities like SIDS, innovation or Hand-in-Hand initiative.

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