The Right to Food

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News - 06.03.2020

Taking into account gender issues in national policy and legislative processes is an opportunity to end hunger and poverty for both men and women.

News - 05.03.2020

At the 43rd session of the Human Rights Council, FAO expressed FAO’s deepest appreciation to Hilal Elver, outgoing Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.

News - 04.03.2020

These resources can be valuable part in the work to achieve a world free of hunger.

On the ground - 28.02.2020

FAO and Prosalus investigate progresses and challenges since putting in place the Milan Pact.

Events - 24.02.2020

As regularly in March, Geneva becomes the headquarters for discussions by governments and stakeholders on how to strengthen and protect human rights. 

News - 13.02.2020

The law strengthens intersectoral efforts and gears up for a transformative change towards sustainability.

News - 04.02.2020

Days, weeks, years and decades can be much more than time spans. Actually they have also become celebrations for human rights!

News - 24.01.2020

Even if the right to food is explicitly recognized in 16 countrie in Latin Latin America, that is not the case in Chile.

Events - 21.01.2020

Agriculture ministers worldwide pledged to take urgent action for sustainability on issues related to food trade.

News - 17.12.2019

Hunger in the region is low, but a high number of people are affected by limited access to nutritious food,  overweight and obesity -revealed a new FAO report.

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