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Legislators promote the right to adequate food and food security and nutrition in Costa Rica

News - 25.08.2016

The Framework Law on the human right to adequate food and food security and nutrition was presented in August to the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Costa Rica.

The Law explicitly recognizes the right to adequate food in the country and establishes the food security and nutrition as a legal right. It also states the government’s obligations to create the necessary conditions to exercise this human right and guarantee food security for all through measurable targets. This framework law groups together different institutions, laws, programs and initiatives already in place in the country which contribute or have the potential to contribute to ensure food security and nutrition to the Costa Rican population.

The formulation of the law proposal, signed by thirty legislators belonging to different groups, has been supported by various institutions, among which the Executive Secretariat for Agriculture Sector Planning, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the National Production Council, the Ministry of Health, the Rural Development Institute and the National Institute for Women and the FAO Representation in the country.

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