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The Bolivian Legislative Assembly organizes a workshop on the Right to Food

News - 29.12.2010

A milestone was reached last December 15th, 2010 during a workshop organized by members of the Legislative Assembly of the Plurinational State of Bolivia with the support of FAO to discuss issues related to the legislative process around the human right to food. The main outcome of this successful event was the formation of a group of parliamentarians who will be responsible, with other relevant actors, for drafting a human right to food law for Bolivia. It was the first time that the Parliament organized a workshop of this kind on the theme of the right to food.

The workshop presented an important and decisive occasion for the participants to reflect and exchange opinions and ideas on the right to food. The workshop was particularly successful because of the presence of important international and national speakers, a body of experts on the right to food and lastly, a group of prime movers of the Bolivian society who have a long history of commitment towards the creation of the conditions for the realization of the right to food in the country.

The opening session of the workshop was filled with important speeches highlighting the interest and challenges faced on matters related to the current status of food security and the right to food in the country. Main speakers during the opening session were Senator Tania Melgar, Deputy Galo Bonifaz, Elisa Panades from FAO, and representatives from the Ministries of Rural Development and Justice. One of the most meaningful figures of the event was Francisco Menezes, former President of the Brazilian National Council for Food Security and Nutrition (CONSEA) and Director of the IBASE, who was invited to present about the Brazilian experience on the right to food. When asked to comment on the workshop, Mr. Menezes said “I encountered great interest by the participants. There are differences, but the commonalities are bigger. I learned a lot during the presentations and debates and followed up on the exchange that already exists between our two countries, and am persuaded that we have a lot to do jointly [and] that there are many opportunities to work together."

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The Right to Food Team in FAO works on the implementation of the human right to adequate food, using the Right to Food Guidelines. The Team’s vision is the one of a full realization of this human right, through it being respected, protected and fulfilled everywhere.


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