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Механизм наблюдения за осуществлением права человека на достаточное питание в Непале

Author: FAO and NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) Nepal

Right to Food Publication, 2017.

The publication presents the way to undertake a contextual interpretation of the international normative standards on the Human Right to Adequate Food in Nepal, including how relevant provisions under the domestic law could be integrated in a framework for identifying indicators.

It discusses data generating mechanisms, highlights the role of different actors and institutions working in the field of the right to food, and provides guidance on the use of the framework. The publication is divided into three chapters: chapter 1 provides a brief overview of the context and objectives for developing the monitoring framework; chapter 2 uses available tools and methodologies developed at the international level to inform the contextualisation of right to food indicators for use in Nepal; finally, chapter 3 outlines how right to food indicators and monitoring framework can be operationalized at various levels, from national to local level. The annexes provide technical and supportive information to facilitate the application of identified indicators and the overall monitoring framework. Targeted users of this document are government, public agencies, civil society, researchers, academics and international organizations working towards the progressive realizations of the right to food in Nepal.

Jointly developed with the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal, the document is a result of collaborative efforts of various national stakeholders including, among others, the National Planning Commission (NPC), the National Women Commission (NWC) and the National Dalit Commission (NDC). The process leading to its creation lasted over two years and involved a series of capacity development and stakeholder consultation activities, revisions and technical round tables. It is worth noting that the publication has received the official support by the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers (OPMCM), the Ministry of Agriculture Development and other governmental agencies of Nepal.

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