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08.10.2010OHCHR and FAO jointly publish “The Right to Adequate Food”
Fact Sheet

Why is the right to food important for the rural and urban poor? How does it help women and children? What are the obligations of States in relation to the right to food? These and other questions are answered in the Fact Sheet on “The Right to Adequate Food”.   read more

02.09.2010Brazil adopts a new Policy on Food Security and Nutrition

On 25 August 2010, Brazil adopted a Policy on Food Security and Nutrition of Brazil (Decree 7.272 ) that firmly establishes the right to food in Brazil's food and nutrition efforts. The Policy is part of the efforts undertaken in view of the implementation of the Food and Nutrition Security Law (LOSAN ) of 2006. It establishes the framework and principles for the development of a National Food and Nutrition Security Plan. The right to food is firmly anchored in the Policy.    read more

31.08.2010The Republic of Kenya recognizes the right to food in the new Constitution

After being approved by popular referendum, the new Constitution of Kenya was adopted and signed last Friday (27 August 2010) by the President. In the new Constitution, the provision related to the right to food is of particular importance. Indeed, article 43 explicitly refers the to the right to adequate food in the context of economic, social and cultural rights that are essential for people to live in dignity.   read more

09.07.2010Right to Food online glossary

The expanded FAO Glossary on Right to Food is now available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic (Russian is under finalization). It contains 418 concepts and definitions, where appropriate, which have been selected from FAO and international documents and publications on Right to Food, as well as from the proceedings of meetings of experts discussing Right to Food and Food Security issues.   read more


Right to Food Assessment Checklist

The Right to Food Team is pleased to make available on the website the updated version of the right to food assessment checklist. Together with the already released Guide to conducting a right to food assessment, this new tool shall assist governments and other stakeholders in structuring and conducting national assessments including international human rights principles as well as the core obligations of the right to food.

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Legislation and national strategies for the right to food
- Databases now available -

The right to food team is pleased to make available on the website two important tools that will help to follow up on progress made with respect to the implementation of the right to food.
They will faciliate the exchange of experiences as they bring an overview of the different strategies and laws adopted in 73 countries to create an adequate environment for the realization of this human right.

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Briefing on the 13th session of the Human Rights Council and the right to food

The 13th session of the Human Rights Council is currently taking place in Geneva from the 1st to the 26th of March 2010. Following the High Level Segment on the economic and financial crisis, the Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the right to food was the opportunity to present the reports of the countries he visited on 2009 as well as a thematic analysis on the Agribusiness and the right to food and an addendum on a set of minimum principles to adopt regarding large scale land acquisitions.

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The right to food is now in the Constitution of Brazil

The right to food is now explicitly recognised in the Brazilian Constitution. After being approved by both chambers of the Congress on the 3 of February 2010, the Brazilians adopted the Constitutional Amendment Project (PEC 47/2003) which now establishes the right to food as a constitutional human right. The amendment aimed at including the right to food among other social rights that were already part of article 6 of the Brazilian Constitution and that are equally important for living a dignified live.

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World Food Summit on Food Security 2009

The 2009 World Food Summit arrived to an end after three days of discussions in which a large variety of stakeholders addressed key issues for the realization of the right to food. While the Plenary Hall witnessed the statements of delegates and international organizations, the round tables were the occasion to debate crucial issues such as climate change, fair trade rules (particularly the Doha Round) and special measures to address global food governance, including the current reform of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS). In the meanwhile, a side event of a wide array of Social Movements, NGOs and CSOs also took place.

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The Right to Food at the centre of the World Food Week 2009
Expert Panel on “The Role of the Right to Food in Addressing the Global Food Crisis”

Following the launch of the Toolbox held on 15th October, the Expert Panel on “The Role of the Right to Food in Addressing the Global Food Crisis” brought together the views of economists, policy makers, human rights experts and academia to discuss about the most important issues and challenges of the current food crisis. Chaired by the Assistant Director-General of the Economic and Social Development, Mr Hafez Ghanem, the panellists answered specific questions regarding the role of human rights in addressing hunger.

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