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The Right to Adequate Food and the Right to Decent Work: Joint work in rural areas

Brief, 2016.
Developed jointly by the Right to Food Team and the Decent Rural Employment Team, this brief argues that consolidating the synergies between the two rights through a human rights-based approach can enhance the impact of food security, rural development and poverty reduction interventions to better and more efficiently contribute to FAO’s mandate. Available in: English

Training and advocacy materials
Global Studies,Advocacy,International Law,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition

Report of the South Asian Dialogue on the Right to Food

Workshop report, 2016.
This report includes all debates and list of commitments which took place during the South Asian Dialogue on the Right to Food, held in Dhaka on the 23-25 November 2015. The event was jointly organized by Oxfam and FAO with the objective to promote an emerging right to food community of practice for improved food security in South Asia. It called for the participation of members from government, civil society organizations, academia and think tanks from India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Available in: English

Advocacy,National Legislation,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Institutional Policy

Spaces for dialogue as a strategy to integrate the right to food in rural municipalities of Latin America : Recommendations for establishment and strengthening

Right to Food Study, 2015.
The document aims to provide tools for actors at municipal level to deepen the construction of practical notions for the obligations to respect, protect and fulfill the right to food locally, and to propose different activities for establishing and/or strengthening spaces for dialogue, exemplified by experiences in different countries of the region. Available in: Español

Advocacy,Empowerment,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Strategy

Social protection and an enabling environment for the right to adequate food

Right to Food Thematic Study 5, 2014.
This thematic study takes a retrospective glance at social protection related developments from 2004 to 2014 considering the recommendations of Guidelines 8, 13, 14 and measures for international cooperation and partnership for promoting the right to adequate food. It presents the trajectory of a human rights-based approach to social protection across policy spaces and food security intervention contexts.
Available in: English

Right to Food Guidelines
Assessment,Food Security Analysis,Global Studies,Legal Issues,Entitlements,Policy,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Institutional Policy

Nutrition, education and awareness raising for the right to adequate food

Right to Food Thematic Study 6, 2014.
This Thematic Study analyzes Guidelines 10 and 11 on Nutrition, and Education and Awareness Raising respectively. The objective of this Thematic Study is to show, through current global processes and debates and country-level best practices, how nutrition is an integral part of the right to food, and how education and awareness raising are essential vehicles to facilitate its fulfilment.
Available in: English

Right to Food Guidelines
Global Studies,International Law,Analysis,Indicators,Targets,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition

International dimensions of the right to adequate food

Right to Food Thematic Study 7, 2014.
This study takes stock of the progress made and the challenges faced over the last ten years in the international dimensions of the right to adequate food, as they relate to international trade and investment, development and humanitarian cooperation policies, and development loans and debts. It was conducted as part of the ten-year retrospective on the implementation of the Right to Food Guidelines in 2014. 
Available in: English

Right to Food Guidelines
Global Studies,International Law,Analysis,Coordination

UGANDA / Integrating Food and Nutrition Security and the Right to Food in Local Government Development Planning and Budgeting

Reference Guide, 2013.
This reference guide is addressed to technical officers at district and sub-county level in Uganda who are involved in preparing Higher and Lower Local Government Development Plans which as mandated must address food and nutrition security as a cross-cutting concern. The guide responds to the capacity needs of the officers who may lack the necessary tools to prepare well-articulated and justified food and nutrition security plans. It also gives direction on how to meaningfully apply human rights, with specific reference to the right to food, principles at sub-national level. Available in English.

Implementation materials
Food Security Analysis,Empowerment,Institutional Capacity,Policy,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Strategy

Right to Food and Food and Nutrition Security in the CPLP Countries : Assessment Report

Right to Food Assessment, 2013.
This publication presents the results of an assessment of the right to food in the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP). Its main objective consists in assessing the policy, legal, and institutional framework related to the FNS and the right to food in CPLP countries as a way to feed into the Regional Strategy for Food and Nutrition Security. Available in: English | Português

Assessment,Food Security Analysis,Impact Analysis,Situation Analysis,Analysis,Indicators,Institutional Capacity,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Strategy

Guidance Note: Integrating the Right to Adequate Food into food and nutrition security programmes

Right to Food Publication, 2013.
This Guidance Note is a practical tool for practitioners to integrate the right to food into food and nutrition security (FNS) programmes. It explains key concepts related to the right to food and, particularly, examines four main entry points for FSN programmes: responsibilities of stakeholders, legal aspects, monitoring, and claims mechanisms. Specific examples and cases illustrate the main messages.
Available in English, Français, Español.

Implementation materials
Legal Issues,National Legislation,Obligations,Recourse Mechanisms,Monitoring,Analysis,Indicators,Policy,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Strategy

Right to Food: Value Added for Food Security Work and Priorities for Action

Flyer, 2009.
This flyer focuses on the right to food guidelines and food security and explains the value added of the right to food. In addition, the flyer also clarifies a framework for action. Available in English.

Training and advocacy materials
Policy,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Empowerment,Advocacy
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