Right to Food: Value Added for Food Security Work and Priorities for Action

Flyer, 2009.
This flyer focuses on the right to food guidelines and food security and explains the value added of the right to food. In addition, the flyer also clarifies a framework for action. Available in English.

Training and advocacy materials
Policy,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Empowerment,Advocacy

Right to Food in Action: Examples of how FAO Member Countries Make it Happen

Brief, 2007.
This brief provides an overview of the types of right to food activities with which FAO is involved in Brazil, Bhutan, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania/Zanzibar and Uganda.
Available in English, Español, Français.

Food Security and Nutrition,Legal Issues,Advocacy,Monitoring,Assessment


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