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Advances and obstacles in the implementation of the Right to Food Guidelines – The case of El Salvador

Right to Food Assessment, 2014.
This publication brings together the practical experiences and lessons learned during the past 10 years of implementation of the right to food guidelines in El Salvador. It looks at how the right to food has been progressively integrated into policy planning, strategy formulation, programme design and legislative processes throughout the country. Available only in: Español

Assessment,Food Security Analysis,Impact Analysis,Situation Analysis,Advocacy,National Legislation,Institutional Capacity,Food Security and Nutrition

Integrating the Right to Adequate Food in National Food and Nutrition Security Policies and Programmes – Practical Approaches to Policy and Programme Analysis

Right to Food Methodological Toolbox - Book 6, 2014. 
This volume outlines simple and practical ways to analyse the design and implementation of food and nutrition security (FNS) policies and programmes from a right to food perspective. The primary focus is on national overarching FNS policies as well as national FNS programmes that serve as instruments to implement policies. This reference guide complements other volumes included in the Right to Food Methodological Toolbox. Available in: English

Food Security Analysis,Policy,Food Security and Nutrition

Assessment on the Right to Food in the ECOWAS region

Right to Food Assessment, 2014.
This publication describes the development of the Right to Food in the West-African region. It brings together the analysis of the food and nutrition situation (focusing on the main barriers to eradicating hunger), the legal framework, the relevant policies and programmes (focusing on principles inherent to the right to food), and a brief description of the most relevant institutions. Available in: English | Français

Assessment,Food Security Analysis,Entitlements,Obligations,Food Security and Nutrition,Institutional Policy,Strategy

Social protection and an enabling environment for the right to adequate food

Right to Food Thematic Study 5, 2014.
This thematic study takes a retrospective glance at social protection related developments from 2004 to 2014 considering the recommendations of Guidelines 8, 13, 14 and measures for international cooperation and partnership for promoting the right to adequate food. It presents the trajectory of a human rights-based approach to social protection across policy spaces and food security intervention contexts.
Available in: English

Assessment,Food Security Analysis,Global Studies,Legal Issues,Entitlements,Policy,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Institutional Policy

Assessment of the right to food

Right to Food Handbooks 7, 2014.
This handbook provides practical information and tools for conducting a right to food assessment as a first step in a strategy to ensure this right and to take the appropriate measures accordingly with the obligation of progressive realization of this right. Available in: English | Español | Français | Português

Assessment,Food Security Analysis,Global Studies,Impact Analysis,Public Budget Analysis,Situation Analysis,Training,Educational Tools

Advocacy on the right to food based on the analysis of government budgets

Right to Food Handbooks 8, 2014.
This handbook provides information on some of the aspects in which the public budget plays an important role for the realization of the right to food. It also addresses the implementation of advocacy actions based on an analysis of government budgets. Available in: English | Español | Français | Português

Assessment,Food Security Analysis,Global Studies,Impact Analysis,Public Budget Analysis,Situation Analysis,Training,Educational Tools

The Right to Food in the CARICOM Region – An Assessment Report

Right to Food Assessment, 2013.
This publication presents coherent and systematic information and analysis about: the current food and nutrition security situation in the CARICOM Region and in CARICOM Member States, and the relevant legal, policy and institutional environments in the Region with respect to the protection and realization of the right to food. The information and analysis are expected to translate into concrete follow-up actions and can serve to monitor over time right to food conditions in the Region. Available in: English

Assessment,Food Security Analysis,Capacity Development,Advocacy,Legal Issues,International Law,National Legislation,Monitoring,Analysis,Policy,Food Security and Nutrition

UGANDA / Integrating Food and Nutrition Security and the Right to Food in Local Government Development Planning and Budgeting

Reference Guide, 2013.
This reference guide is addressed to technical officers at district and sub-county level in Uganda who are involved in preparing Higher and Lower Local Government Development Plans which as mandated must address food and nutrition security as a cross-cutting concern. The guide responds to the capacity needs of the officers who may lack the necessary tools to prepare well-articulated and justified food and nutrition security plans. It also gives direction on how to meaningfully apply human rights, with specific reference to the right to food, principles at sub-national level. Available in English.

Food Security Analysis,Empowerment,Institutional Capacity,Policy,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Strategy

Right to Food and Food and Nutrition Security in the CPLP Countries – Assessment Report

Right to Food Assessment, 2011.
This publication presents the results of an assessment of the right to food in the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP). Its main objective consists in assessing the policy, legal, and institutional framework related to the FNS and the right to food in CPLP countries as a way to feed into the Regional Strategy for Food and Nutrition Security. Available in: English | Português

Assessment,Food Security Analysis,Impact Analysis,Situation Analysis,Analysis,Indicators,Institutional Capacity,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Strategy

The Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition:
A Right to Food Perspective

Fact Sheet 1, 2012.
In relation to the Global Strategic Framework for Food and Nutrition Security (GSF), this Fact Sheet examines how the right to food can be an integral part of the objective, the process and the outcome of the GSF.
Available in English, Français, Español, Português.

Food Security Analysis,Food Security and Nutrition,Situation Analysis,Advocacy
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