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Right to Food Assessment Philippines - Executive Summary

Report, 2010. Executive Summary.
This Executive Summary explains the rationale and objectives of the Right to Food Assessment Philippines. In addition to a short overview of the three studies in the assessment, the summary also provides a profile of hunger and an analysis of its underlying causes. Available only in English.

Analysis,Food Security and Nutrition,Food Security Analysis,Policy,Legal Issues,Monitoring,National Legislation

Right to Food Assessment Philippines - The Filipinos` Right to Food (2/3)

Report, 2010. Component 2/3.
This second component of the Right to Food Assessment Philippines covers an assessment that will ascertain whether legal provisions are implemented to guarantee the right to food and to what extent the legal framework of the Philippines influences (positively or negatively) the food insecurity situation of the vulnerable groups. Available only in English.

Policy,Legal Issues,Food Security and Nutrition,Food Security Analysis

Fighting Hunger: The Right to Food WayRight to Food Assessment in Bhutan: Looking at policies, legal framework and institutions

Paper, 2010.
This report provides background information about Bhutan and a summary of the essential elements of the right to food concept followed by an analysis of the household level food security status and its driving factors. Furthermore, an analysis of the policy, institutional and legal framework relevant to food security governance and accountability mechanisms at national and sub-national levels and future recommendations are provided. Available only in English.

Food Security and Nutrition,Food Security Analysis,Situation Analysis,Legal Issues,Assessment,National Legislation

The Right to Adequate Food

Joint FAO-OHCHR Fact Sheet No. 34, 2010.
This Fact Sheet explains what the right to adequate food is, illustrates its implications for specific individuals and groups, and elaborates upon State parties’ obligations with respect to this human right. The Fact Sheet also provides an overview of national, regional and international accountability and monitoring mechanisms.
Available in: English | Français | Español | 中文 | العربية | Nepalese

Training and advocacy materials
Training,Advocacy,Legal Issues,International Law,Food Security and Nutrition

Right to food in the cities: focus on Mexico legislation

Flyer, 2010.
This “Right to food in the cities” flyer focuses on the legislation of Mexico
and the law on food security and nutrition in Mexico Federal district.
Available only in English.

Training and advocacy materials
Legal Issues,Monitoring,Food Security and Nutrition

The Right to Food and Access to Justice

Right to Food Study, 2009.
This Right to Food Study outlines a range of concrete examples to demonstrate that access to justice is possible and useful to protect the victims of violations of the right to food. The study also lays out the legal systems in which the access to justice is possible, and address the remaining gaps in other legal systems.
Available in English, Français, Español, Português.

Legal Issues,International Law,Food Security and Nutrition,Obligations,Recourse Mechanisms

Guide on Legislating for the Right to Food

Right to Food Methodological Toolbox / Book 1, 2009.
The Guide provides assistance as to how to integrate the right to food into the different levels of the national legislation. Furthermore, it describes ways to protect the right to food in the constitution, provides guidance on drafting a framework law and presents a methodology for reviewing the compatibility of sectoral laws with the right to food. Available in: English | Español | Français

Methodological Toolbox
Legal Issues,Entitlements,International Law,National Legislation,Obligations,Recourse Mechanisms

Right to Food Methodological Toolbox

Flyer, 2009.
This flyer contains a short description of the 6 books in the Right to Food Methodological Toolbox: “Guide on Legislating for the Right to Food”, “Methods to Monitor the Human Right to Adequate Food - Volume I/II”, “Guide to Conducting a Right to Food Assessment”, “Right to Food Curriculum Outline” and “Budget Work to Advance the Right to Food”. Available in: English | Español | Français

Methodological Toolbox
Legal Issues,Monitoring,Assessment,Capacity Development

Right to Food FORUM Newsletter N5

Newsletter N°5 - February 2009.
This newsletter aims to give a voice to the hungry and to all those who are involved in assisting their plight. It aims to strengthen governments in their efforts to make the right to food a reality for all. This Special Edition of the Right to Food Team Newsletter focuses on the outcomes of the Right to Food Forum, which proved to be a starting point for a progressive movement aiming at strengthening the implementation of the Right to Food. Available in English, Español, Français.

Capacity Development,Advocacy,Food Security and Nutrition,Monitoring,Assessment,Legal Issues

The right to adequate food and indigenous people

Right to Food Study, 2009.
This paper focuses on the analysis of the right to food from an indigenous peoples’ perspective and addresses the main issues of concern to indigenous peoples that crosscut the right to food. Furthermore, it analyses how right to food is relevant to indigenous peoples and how the implementation of the right to food can benefit them.
Available only in English.

Situation Analysis,Legal Issues,Empowerment
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