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The Right to Food and the Responsible Governance of Tenure: A dialogue towards implementation

Right to Food Publication, 2014.
This short study discusses how the right to food framework can guide the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Governance of Tenure (VGGT) and analyses the recommendations in the VGGT that are particularly important for strengthening work on the right to food.  It also stresses the importance of multi-stakeholder platforms, participatory processes, and the application of the PANTHER principles.

Implementation materials

UGANDA / Integrating Food and Nutrition Security and the Right to Food in Local Government Development Planning and Budgeting

Reference Guide, 2013.
This reference guide is addressed to technical officers at district and sub-county level in Uganda who are involved in preparing Higher and Lower Local Government Development Plans which as mandated must address food and nutrition security as a cross-cutting concern. The guide responds to the capacity needs of the officers who may lack the necessary tools to prepare well-articulated and justified food and nutrition security plans. It also gives direction on how to meaningfully apply human rights, with specific reference to the right to food, principles at sub-national level. Available in English.

Implementation materials
Food Security Analysis,Empowerment,Institutional Capacity,Policy,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Strategy

Guidance Note: Integrating the Right to Adequate Food into food and nutrition security programmes

Right to Food Publication, 2013.
This Guidance Note is a practical tool for practitioners to integrate the right to food into food and nutrition security (FNS) programmes. It explains key concepts related to the right to food and, particularly, examines four main entry points for FSN programmes: responsibilities of stakeholders, legal aspects, monitoring, and claims mechanisms. Specific examples and cases illustrate the main messages.
Available in English, Français, Español.

Implementation materials
Legal Issues,National Legislation,Obligations,Recourse Mechanisms,Monitoring,Analysis,Indicators,Policy,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Strategy

Right to Food Assessment Checklist

Assessment tool, 2010. 
It is important that states conduct comprehensive assessments to identify the percentage of food insecure in the country, where they are and why they are deprived of their right to food. Such assessments will help countries to obtain the necessary information to design longer term right to food strategies. The Right to Food Team and a group of experts came together to discuss experiences made so far in right to food assessments. Available only in English.

Implementation materials
Assessment,Policy,Empowerment,Food Security and Nutrition,Strategy

Toolkit for Assessing the Right to Food at District Level in Uganda

Assessment tool, 2010. 
This toolkit is intended for use by the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) to assess aspect of the right to food and guide the assessment of the realization of the right to food at the district levels in Uganda. The toolkit also comes with “A Guide on Conducting a Right to Food Assessment at District Level in Uganda”, which provides more explanations useful for the application of the toolkit. Available only in English.

Implementation materials
Assessment,Policy,Empowerment,Food Security and Nutrition,Strategy


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